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Non-invasive Biometric Monitoring for the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission and Deaths in Nursing Homes

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Non-invasive Biometric Monitoring in Nursing Homes to Fight COVID-19

Health Stream Analytics, LLC
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Solving the problem of detecting asymptomatic carriers who can transmit infection is key to protecting vulnerable residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, to protecting frontline workers who care for them, and to facilitating return to work (including return of nurses and medical assistants). The wearable biometric technology, if widely disseminated among vulnerable populations and the community-at-large, will help avoid the ravages of seasonal flu and other contagious illnesses, and the society will be better prepared for future waves of COVID-19 or other pandemics. Even if a vaccine is developed, due to immune senescence and immunocompromise, elderly people and those with chronic medical conditions may not be well protected by it. Continuous biomonitoring provides another layer of protection for them