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NCT05074693First Published: 2021 Oct 12Updated Date: 2021 Oct 12

Mobile Health to Monitor Risk for COVID-19 and Improve Mental Health During the Pandemic

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Mobile Health and COVID-19

University of Houston
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The proposed research focuses on evaluating the mobile application, Easing Anxiety Sensitivity for Everyone (EASE), to improve overall public health that concerns risks and mental health status during the COVID-19 pandemic and to minimize the existing health disparities among Black, Latinx, and American Indian (BLAI) individuals during this time. EASE provides COVID-19 symptom monitoring, exposure management skills, and psychoeducation on stress and it's impact on infection and disease susceptibility. This study aims to compare the effect of EASE to an empirical measurement of standard-of-care digital intervention and to identify the effective mechanisms in EASE. The research hypothesizes EASE will facilitate lowing anxiety and depression symptoms similarly across BLAI communities, will mediate intervention effects by reductions in anxiety sensitivity and COVID-19 related stress and fear, and will be able to assess potential moderators (perceived discrimination, social support, socioeconomic status) of EASE effects