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NCT05074017First Published: 2021 Oct 12Updated Date: 2021 Oct 12

COVAG Study - Covid-19 Antigen Study

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COVAG - Covid-19 Antigen Study

Synlab Holding Deutschland GmbH
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The aim of the COVAG study (Covid-19 Antigen study) is to assess the diagnostic efficacy of two of the most used rapid antigen tests (Roche & Abbott). The study will be performed at the Corona Test Center Stuttgart Cannstatter Wasen. Approximately 2000 patients will be enrolled after having signed the Informed Consent Form (ICF). Each patient will receive 3 nasopharyngeal swabs. Two for the rapid antigen tests from Roche and Abbott and one for the RT-PCR. Furthermore an anamnesis, short clinical examination and blood draw is done. The blood is examined for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and basic laboratory tests to be communicated to participants