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NCT05384899First Published: 2022 May 24Updated Date: 2022 May 24

Central Hub for Kidney Precision Medicine

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Kidney Precision Medicine Project (KPMP) - COVID-19 Protocol

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Since its inception, KPMP has developed sophisticated protocols for collection and analysis of human kidney tissue, and for collection of biofluids. Members of the consortium have wide-ranging expertise in conducting clinical studies, processing kidney tissue, advanced structural and molecular analysis and complex bioinformatics analysis, which will be used to leverage effectively as a group to better understand kidney disease. This joint protocol aims to synergize the COVID-19 study efforts of KPMP academic research centers, to collectively study COVID-19, including its renal presentation using kidney tissue and/or biofluids from patients suffering from COVID-19. This will increase the breadth and depth of data available to the public to expedite discoveries, identify therapeutics, and improve outcomes for patients with COVID-19. It will additionally bring the expertise of KPMP investigators to bear against this pandemic