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NCT05422950First Published: 2022 Jun 21Updated Date: 2022 Jun 21

Relationship Between the Physical Condition and Functionality of Patients Post Intubation by Covid-19 With the Time of Stay in ICU an Stageof the Disease

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Relationship of Physical Condition and Functionality in Post-covid Patients

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Cross-sectional, correlational cohort study where the variables Aerobic endurance (6-minute walk test), Muscle endurance (Medical research council MRC), Flexibility (Sit-and-reach test), Functionality (WHODAS 2.0), Number of days were analyzed hospitalized in the ICU, in post Covid-19 patients after one month of being discharged from the Intensive Care Unit. Users who met the criteria to be part of the research. For the analysis of variables and statistical significance of the results, the SPSS Statistics 22.0 program was used