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NCT05543707First Published: 2022 Sep 20Updated Date: 2022 Sep 20

A Phase 2 Double-blind, Randomized Study to Evaluate the Antiviral Activity, Safety, and Efficacy of Orally Administered PBI-0451 Compared With Placebo in Nonhospitalized Symptomatic Adults With COVID-19

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PBI-0451 Phase 2 Study in Nonhospitalized Symptomatic Adults With COVID-19

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This is a phase 2 double-blind, randomized study of PBI-0451 in nonhospitalized symptomatic adults with COVID-19. PBI-0451 is a new chemical entity and inhibitor of the main protease of coronaviruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 disease. This study is designed to evaluate the antiviral activity, safety, and efficacy of orally administered PBI-0451 compared with placebo